My Egyptian Queen

Thoth God

Great Crystal no.2

Life Circle and Utamaro


Red Peacock and Red Flower

JAANY 50th Anniversary Exhibition:

September1-15/2022,  at The Tenri Cultural Institute of New York

Yuma's New World

Yuma's Ancient Tower and Red Circles

Red Circles and Ancient Tower

Yuma's Life Tower

Ancient Tower no.1


Ancient Gate-Way

Yuma and Ancient Mask

My First Universe no.1: (work 178)  Oil on Canvas, 76 x 30 x 4in. 2021



2019  The Gallery Artists Part XVI

          at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in NYC

Crystal Mystery no.1:  Oil on Canvas, 35.5 x 25.5 x 3/4 inches, ©2019, New York

Drop of Water no.1: Oil on Canvas, 14 x 11 x 3/4 inches, ©2019, New York

2019  Group Exhibition:

"What an Artful Life"

Tenri Cultural Artists Association of New York


2019  Group Exhibition

"Mystery of Flowers no.1

Musashino Consortium 2019

at Gallery One Twenty Eight New York


Solo Exhibition

"Fruition" 結実


Solo exhibition at the gallery in Chelsea NYC.

at Walter Wickiser Gallery:

January, 4-31, 2018.

Reception: Thursday, January 18, 6-8PM.

210 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 303


High Culture no.3: Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24 x 3/4 inches, ©2010, New York

2018  Group Exhibition:

"Goddess of Thailand"

JAA (Japanese Artists Association of New York) The 46th Annual Exhibition 2018

at Tenri Culturl Artists Association of NY Gallery in New York

Goddess of Thailand:  Oil on Canvas with Manila Rope Frame,

 45 x 33 x 2 in.  ©2017,  New York

2018  Group Exhibition

"Fire Bird no.5" with Red Cloth Rope Frame.

Musashino Consortium 2018

Gallery One Twenty Eight New York

Fire Bird no.5: Oil and Gouache on Paper panel with red Cloth and Manila Rope Frame,

26.5 x 38.2x 2 in.  ©2016-2-17,  New York


Group Exhibition:

"Japanese Ancient Goddess"  瀬織津姫(縄文の女神)

Oil on Canvas with Manila Rope and Hand-dyed Cloth Rope,

32  x 24 x 5 inches, ©2017, New York


2017    Residency in Morocco

 "39th International Cultural Moussem of Assilah" held on 7/1-7/23 Assilah in Morocco.

The World is so big!

First time in my life, I have been experiencing the mysterious, beautiful and propound Arabic culture.

A small but very artistic sunny beach town Assilah!  I enjoyed this town!



Mu Yuma's Solo Exhibition is entitled "Ancient Road"

at QCC ART GALLERY in New York

held on 9/15-10/15

Wooden Maria A (front and back)

The Rope is my Destiny!


Fusion Artist


Creation of my art is futuristic and primitive.

For past 3 years, i became a multi-media artist (painter, sculptor, installation, mask costume making and performer) and I called myself a "Fusion Artist"  because I have been combining all elements which I can do, putting together as one to my world.

Yuma with mask performance is called

"Where do we came from and where we are going?"


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Yuma's Biography

Atsuko Mu Yuma is a self-taught multi-media artist from Japan who has lived in New York for 53 years. In 2008, she became an American citizen.

Yuma earned her degree in design from Musashino Art College in Japan.

For decades, she has been painting with oil continuously and has often been told that she is "Married to Art"

Through her encounter with the eastern and western world, she created natural, spontaneous images and a unique vision of life.

Her work is simultaneously futuristic and primitive.

Yuma has exhibited in group shows and solo exhibitions throughout New York, China and Japan and completed a residency in Morocco.

Most of her creations are based on the harmonic waves of love, strength,

great universal power, mystery of life and death, ancient myth story and culture. Those elements are her impulse of creation.



Yuma's Statement

I am a Japanese multi-media artist living in New York City for 53 years. In 2008, I became an American citizen.

My work is an environmental warning, a call to us all to recognize the importance of earth and its elements.

My recent works are called "Crystal Vision and Love" and

"Drop of Water"

I had a most powerful dream which took me to an underwater crystal a castle, Since the dream,

I have been painting mysterious crystal and pure energy of water.

Through my creations, I remind people of the unity and beauty of the world. Many of my pieces are based in ancient Japanese rope culture, called Jomon. I have created many rope works influenced by that culture. The universe is a most amazing being with much to teach us. Those lessens inspire my creation. I will continue to create until the last day of my life.










Phone:347 307 1199

Email: atsukoyuma@yahoo.com

Web: atsukoyuma.jimdo.com